October 2004 to October 2005 Employment Opportunities

Full Time Jobs Filled By YBC Radio During The Year Running
October 1 2004 Through October 1 2005:
Job Openings:
Full Time Radio News Reporter & Anchor
Full Time Announcer
Recruitment Sources To Fill The Vacancy:
Name                             Address                                 Contact Person           Phone Number
Newport News Times  831 N.E. Avery St. Newport           Teresa Barnes          265-8571
Lincoln City News Guard  930 S.E. Hwy 101, Lincoln City  Debra Carroll          994-2178
OAB Web Site           www.oab.org                                  Bill Johnstone        (503) 443-2299 
Oregon Employment Dept 120 NE Avery St. Newport, Or  J. Bently-Bell           265-8891
Oregon Coast Community College 332 S.W Coast Highway, Newport Pat O’Connor   265-2283
MountHoodCommunityCollege  26000 S.E.Stark  St. Gresham,OR  John Rice (503) 669-6999
Confederated Tribes Of Siletz  PO Box 549, Siletz, OR      Michelle Rowen      444-2532
Persons Interviewed, & Source They Found Out About News Opening:
David Roby                  OAB Web Pages
Anjanette Thomas        Word Of Mouth        
Persons Interviewed, & Source They Found Out About Announcer Opening:
Dusty Baker                             Oregon Employment Dept.
Persons Attempted to Contact, & Source They Found Out About Announcer Opening:
Michael M. Jacobson         Oregon Employment Dept.
Kenneth D. Jordan             Oregon Employment Dept.
Chrystal G. Law                 Oregon Employment Dept.
Marc George Schoonover    Oregon Employment Dept.
William J. Wright               Oregon Employment Dept.
Scott Joseph Jackson        Oregon Employment Dept.
Total Number Of Persons Interviewed, & Total Number Of Interviewees Referred By The Recruitment Source Used To Fill The Vacancies:
Announcer Dusty Baker Hired 11-5-04
News Position: David Roby Hired 11-18-04
News Position: Anjanette Thomas Hired 1-27-05
List Of Outreach Initiatives Conducted During The Year, Including Job Fairs, Mentoring Programs, Etc.

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